Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dán at NCH, Dublin Aug;12 - The last right and Katies Compass

Dán are a 14 piece band comrpising of Irish, Scottish, English and Breton musicians/singer. Both well known bands Guidewires and Kan are involved as is well known Scottish singer Alyth McCormack and a Breton quartet.
more info on www.guidewiresmusic.com

This piece is The Last Right and Katies Compass written and arranged by Paul McSherry.

Dán are:

Padraig Rynne: Concertina
Tola Custy: Fiddle
Sylvain Barou: Flutes / Uilleann pipes
Paul McSherry: Guitars
Karol Lynch: Bouzouki
Brian Finnegan: Flutes / Whistles
Ian Stephenson: Guitar
Jim Goodwin: Drums
Aidan O' Rourke: Fiddle
Geoffroy Tamisier: Trumpet / Bugle
Janick Martin: Accordion
Jacques Pellen: Guitar
Etienne Callac: Bass
Alyth McCormack: Vocals

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