Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eoghan O'Sullivan's reels

Three reels composed by Eoghan O'Sullivan and recorded on the 1996 album "The Smoky Chimney". The title of the first tune, "Seachain na Neantóga!" means "mind the nettles", a familiar cry in rural Ireland in the days before indoor plumbing. The title of the second tune is "Páistí Sceichín a' Rince", literally "children of the little dancing bush", and is in honour of a particular place in south Tipperary. The final tune celebrates the healing properties of the aloe vera cactus. Played by Eoghan O'Sullivan on C#/D Salterelle Irish Bouebe accordion, and Paul de Grae on Martin M-38 guitar and Gibson L-0 guitar (slide).

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