Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Michael Grogan (accordion)

From youtube:
This recording artist's playing represents a major step in the development of
the Irish box style. If he is a much less remembered name than some Irish performers, such as Michael Coleman, it is no doubt because he never went to America, where the Irish music scene really took off. All the same, Grogan broadcasted regularly and made a series of 78 recordings in the '30s. It was a good thing he was as fine a player as he was, because as far as commercial solo recordings on this instrument, the ones made in Ireland were limited to one man, and that was him. His work is well-represented on re-releases, including collections such as 'Irish Dance Music' and 'Past Masters of Irish Dance',
both on the Topic label. There is also Grogan material on collections issued by Folkways and Rounder as well as on the album 'From Galway to Dublin' from which this track has been uploaded.
In spite of a thorough search on the internet I have been unable to find out about the life of this past master of Irish music - not even the dates of his birth and death.

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groshe said...

Hi. I have biographical information for this person, my great uncle, if you wish it. I have this thanks to genealogical research and help from his family in Dublin. I lack a photo, however . I am happy to forward