Monday, January 24, 2011

Basque accordionist Kepa Junkera performs in Glasgow

"Basque accordionist Kepa Junkera and new young female choir Leioa Kantika Korala performed at the Main Auditorium at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (Scotland) on Thursday, January 20th as part of Celtic Connections, a festival that takes place from January 13th to 30th.
According to the Scottish newspaper Scotsman 'Kepa Junkera is a great ambassador for the Basque country, and his concerts rarely disappoint'.
'The imaginative settings of ancient ballads of the Bay of Biscay, collected by improvising bertsolari poet Xabier Amuriza, use beautiful melodies and in novel style several involve recorded fragments of Mongolian throat-singing', the Scottish newspaper Scotsman reported on its website on Monday."

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