Monday, January 24, 2011

Fiddler finds his worldly corner

Fiddler finds his worldly corner: "Colm Mac Con Iomaire drew on his Gaelic roots to create his first solo album, writes Liza Power.

COLM Mac Con Iomaire is a firm believer in doing things when the time is right. Which is why, after 20 years playing fiddle for Irish rock bands The Frames and The Swell Season, he decided to release his first solo album. Called The Hare's Corner, it was recorded in a caravan in an open field in County Wexford, south of Dublin; skirted by green fields and the cold breath of the Irish Sea. He locked himself away in splendid isolation to weave fragments of song that have played in his mind for years.

''Recording ideas is like putting a pin through the butterfly, so I'd been trying to put it off and save the fragments until I had time to sit down and devote my attention to it fully.''"

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